About Me and the Services I Offer

An Introduction and Discussion of Spirituality

My name is Michelle Nichols, and on my website I go by littleowlluna. this name comes from having owl as one of my guides and really enjoying the beauty and power of the moon. I consider myself a spiritual person. I spent only a small amount of time going to church as a child. In my junior year of high school, I started and intensive study of religion and spirituality. Over time, I have branched off into related areas of study including metaphysics, astrology, holistic healing, and personal growth.

I became a Reiki Master in August 2000. If you are interested in taking a Reiki class or having a Reiki session, you can check out this page.

I became certified as a Soul Body Fusion ® practitioner in May 2018. If you are interested in learning more about Soul Body Fusion ® or scheduling a session, you can check out this page.

I have dabbled in astrology, but I have not gotten far. I use a program called Kepler to generate a report that discusses yearly astrological influences. If you are interested in obtaining an astrological report, you can check out this page.

A Discussion on Creativity

I am a highly creative person, and I believe that everyone is creative. I have talked with several people that do not feel they are creative because they do not do a craft that involves working with their hands, such as painting, drawing, crocheting, or something similar. I feel that people are creative when they come up with something new or find a different take on something old.

I am really good at bead work. I prefer using seed beads (the little ones) to create amazing works. I did some bead work as a child, but I really got into it back in 2006. My grandma was also a highly creative person. She could paint and draw, create stained glass artwork, knit and crochet, sew, and do bead work. I feel like she could do any sort of craft she tried because she had this amazing mind that she used to figure out how things went together. Anyway, I came to the realization that she would not be around forever, and when she died, all this amazing knowledge would be lost. I asked her if she could teach me some of what she knew, and she said yes. I originally tried sewing, and although I wanted to like it, I never did. When she started to teach me bead work, I absolutely fell in love. She showed me the basics, and after about six months, I knew pretty much everything I needed to. We beaded together a lot during that time, and I was able to ask her if I had a question that came up.

We vended at craft shows together for several years. After a while, gram stopped doing craft shows because she was getting older and was finding it difficult. I continued vending at craft shows on my own for a few more years.

I have a limited amount of my bead work pieces available for purchase on this page.

My Current Passion: Event Planning

Event Planning is my newest passion. I find the story of how I became interested in it very funny. Several different pieces needed to line up to make this idea possible for me.

A New Job

I’ve always felt that for me my job should align with my life’s purpose. I’ve worked several jobs throughout the course of my adult life, constantly searching for a job that was a great fit for me and helped me fulfill my reason for being here. I had finally found a group of jobs that was working really well for me when I learned of an opportunity at Northern Michigan University, and on a whim, I deiced to bid it. Frankly, I didn’t hold high expectations for getting the job. After all, it was my 36th application to NMU. I got the job.

Taking a Class

A tuition waiver for my family and I is included as part of my benefits package for NMU. I love learning new things, so I was determined to use this benefit. Again, on a whim I decided to take an Event Planning class. It was a 2 credit class that met in the evenings, and it sounded fun and interesting. The class mostly consisted of listening to speakers with actual event planning experience. The other part of the class consisted of helping with events. I absolutely fell in love with the class and event planning.

A Spiritual Retreat

Another factor was that I wanted to attend a spiritual retreat in Hawaii and had no idea how I was going to raise the money to go. After attending an event a friend hosted to raise funds for a trip, I decided I could host and event to help raise funds for my retreat. The idea of Spirit of the Solstice was born. I worked hard and planned the event. As I did so, I came to the realization that the retreat wasn’t that important. More importantly, a powerful realization came to me: I loved event planning!

If you would like to check out my Event Planning page, check out this page.